Novikova Natalia Mikhailovna
                                CURRICULUM VITAE

     BORN       Marth, 8, 1953, Moscow
     CITIZENSHIP                        Russia
     MERITAL STATUS        married
     CHILDREN                           two daughters, 1975, 1979
     PRIVATE ADDRESS  Lomonosovsky av., 18, 436, Moscow, Russia, 117296
     TELEFON +07 (095) 930 26 41
     PLACE OF WORK   Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences
     CURRENT TITLE   Head Scientist,
             The Secretary of Russian Scientific Operations Research Society
     DEGREE  Doctor of Sciences (math.& phys.) in theory of math.modelling
                                               and numerical methods (1991)
     FOREIGN LANGUAGE          English
     RESEARCH EXPERIENCE                about 80 publications
     1979-present: junior/head sci.  (Russian AS Computing Center)
     ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE   The Moscow State University: associated professor,
                  lecturer on the optimization theory, scientific supervisor
     The Moscow State University:  1970-1975 (speciality: applied math.),
               1975-1979 (postgraduate at the Operations Research Department)
               Ph.D.Degree (math.& phys) in mathematical cybernetics (1979)
     numerical methods, optimization, stochastic programming,
     operations research, decision making, games theory, networks
     Novikova N.M. (the single author)
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     Symposium on Operations Research (SOR'96) (in 1996, Braunschweig),
     IFIP Confereces on Systems Modelling and Optimization
          (in 1985, Hungaria, Budapest, in 1991, Switzerland, Zurich),
     International Conferences on Stochastic Programming
          (in 1984, Kiev, in 1986, Prague, in 1990, Ann Arbor),
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