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-====== EGRRExt package ======+====== EGRRext package ======
-The implementation of the algorithm to be reported in CASC 2018 **will be available here soon**.+The package **EGRRext** is the implementation of the algorithms reported in 
-Please revisit later!+S.A.Abramov, D.E.Khmelnov. On Unimodular Matrices of Difference Operators. CASC 2018, Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2018. V.11077, pp. 1-14. 
 +  * {{:egrrext.zip|The zip archieve with the source files of the package}} 
 +  * {{:paperexamples.mw|The Maple session with some examples of the use of the package}} 
 +  * {{:paperexamples.pdf|The same session exported to PDF}}
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