Nov 27, 2005

Online Privacy Statement for Brychkov web site contents

Carefully review Privacy Statement of Brychkov's website. We have implemented mechanism not allowing any data we collect to be searchable over the internet.
Please also read Terms of Use of this web site.

1. Sites covered by this Privacy Statement

All the web pages in folder and subfolders.

2. Links to external web-sites

This site's web pages may provide links to third-party websites for your convenience and information. If you access those links, you will leave the Brychkov's website. We can not control those sites, and those sites' Privacy Statement(s) may differ from the current you're viewing.

3. Types of Information collected

4. How your information is used

Contact information is used to contact you. Other information is used to track web page hits to keep hit counter running correctly.

5. Who can access your information

Insiders: only authorized users of CCRAS computer systems can read the data from the log files;
Outsiders: the information in logs is visible from the internet for fast owner's access, but do not have any Brychkov web content links pointing to them, thus are not being spidered and cached by search engines.

6. Your choices

If you consider your information you're going to provide in Contact form is confidential or private, please contact owner in another means, calling directly +7-916-440-6541.

7. Keeping your information

We again ask you not to provide any personal and confidential information other than your email address and name in the contact form. We are committed not to link web content on the Brychkov pages to log files containing information, although external hackers may do it if will know their direct URLs. In this case, as soon as intrusion will be discovered, log information will be removed from the web access until cause is found and issue is resolved.

8. Changes to this statement

Sometimes we may change the statement slightly, in this case date of change at the top of this page will be modified appropriately.

9. How to contact

If you have any comments on the privacy or on the site contents/quality in general please provide them by using Contact form at, or calling Eugeny Brychkov at +7-916-440-6541.

1Information includes IP address of client, host name of client or proxies, and some user agent properties (like versions, language settings);
2Session-related information includes randomly generated, time-based, 32-bit number, so called sessionId, and page access date and time.

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