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The following topics were discussed and investigated: Multiple Criteria Optimization for Dynamic Decision Processes, Multy-Step Control Processes within Conditions of Uncertainty and Multiple Criteria, Optimal Distribution of Limited Resources under Determination of Objects Features and Design of Recognition System in Conflict Situations, Multy-Problem Systems and the Concept of System Potential, Game Theory Models of Corporate Control.

Last results are connected with the Problem of Matrix Correction of Linear Programming Problem with Inconsistent Constraints, which is treated as a two-criterion problem of maximizing the original linear criterion and of minimizing the norm of an admissible data correction matrix. This problem is formalized as the minimization of the norm of the correction matrix, provided the feasible set of plans of linear programming problem to be nonempty and the value of the original criterion to be no less than given lower bound. An analysis of sequence of auxiliary problems, including linear equations and inequalities without solutions, reduces the original problem to the determination of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of special matrix.

Main publications:

V.A. Gorelik, A.F. Kononenko Game Models of Economical and Ecological Processes. (in Russian) Moscow: 1982. 146 p.

V.A. Gorelik, T.P. Lutsenko, G.V. Rulev On some classes of optimization and game problems of resourses distribution with nondifferentiable criteria. (in Russian) Moscow: Comp. Center Ac. Sci. of USSR, 1988. 48 p.

V.A. Gorelik, M.A. Gorelov, A.F. Kononenko Analysis of Conflict Situations in Control Systems. (in Russian) Moscow: 1992. 288 p.


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