Scientific Program: Structure and Content

Plenary Talks:

 1. Chevallier, D. P., “On Some Mathematical Aspects of Screw Theory in Mechanics (in Memory of T. M. Dimentberg)”

 2. Grebenikov, E. A., Zemtsova, N. I., “Lyapunov Stability of the New Stationary Solutions in Celestial Mechanics”

 3. Karapetyan, A. V., “Qualitative Methods of Dynamics Analysis for Conservative Nonholonomic Chaplygin Systems with Symmetry”

 4. Kossenko, I. I., “Object Model in Multibody Systems Dynamics: Rolling, Impacts, Friction”

 5. Kovalev, A. M., “The Hess Integral”

 6. Krasil'nikov, P. S., “Henry Poincaré and Classical Mechanics”

 7. Markeev, A. P., “Constructive Method for Investigation of Hamiltonian Systems and Its Applications to Some Problems of Classical and Celestial Mechanics”

 8. Sławianowski, J. J., “Classical and Quantized Dynamics of Deformable Bodies”

 9. Zhuravlev, V. F., “On Geometry of Conic Rotations”

Joint Sessions:

 1. Andreev, A. S., “Semidefinite Lyapunov Functions and Functionals in the Problem of Partial Stability”

 2. Borisov, A. V., Mamaev, I. S., “Tensor Invariants and Mechanisms of Transition to Chaos in Nonholonomic Dynamical Systems”

 3. Bruno, A. D., “Asymptotics and Expansions of Motions of a Rigid Body with a Fixed Point”

 4. Cantarelli, G., “Remarks and Applications about the Eventual Stability”

 5. Golubev, Yu. F., Korianov, V. V., “3D-Simulation of Dynamics of Six-Legged Robot Climbing over the Vertical Column”

 6. Pogorelov, D. Yu., “Computer-Aided Simulation of Multibody Systems: Numerical Methods and Algorithms”

 7. Sergeev, V. S., “On Ultimately Periodic Motions in Systems with Aftereffect Described by Integrodifferential Equations of the Volterra Type”

 8. Stepanov, S. Ya., “Attitude Stability Conditions for Equilibrium of Satellite with Rotor and Tethered Load in Circular Orbit”

 9. Sumbatov, A. S., “On Papers of Francous Gallissot Devoted to Friction”

10. Tatarinov, Ya. V., “The New Form of Equations for Nonholonomic Dynamics, a Generalisation of Chaplyguin Reduction and Hamiltonians on Energy Levels”

11. Tkhai, V. N., “Periodic Motions of the Reversible Mechanical Systems. Application to the Sitnikov Problem.”

12. Vil’ke, V. G., “On a Snake Motion on the Rough Surface”

Minisymposia by Category:

1. Classical Mechanics

1.1.     Analytical Mechanics

1.1.1. Beloglazov, A. V., “Finite Reductions in Lagrange and Hamilton Formalisms”

1.1.2. Djioeva M. I. “The Regular Precession of Gyrostat in Potential Force Field”

1.1.3. Irtegov, V. D., “On the Enveloping Families of First Integrals”

1.1.4. Krasinskiy, A. Ya., Hagedorn, P., “On Some Vector-Matrix Equations of Motion of Analytical Mechanics and Their Applications to Stability and Stabilization Problems”

1.1.5. Makarov, Ya. A., Rodjukov, F. F., Shepeljavyi, A. I., “Stability and Correctness of the Analytical Mechanics Equations for Electrical Machines”

1.1.6. Meldianova, V. A., “On the Level Manifolds of Linear Integrals for Mechanical Systems”

1.1.7. Mukhametzyanov, I. A., “Constructing of Nonlinear Nonautonomous Generalized Systems with Predefined Quality of Transitional Process in Case of Large Initial Deviations from Steady State”

1.2.     Stability of Motion

1.2.1. Andreev, A. S., Dmitrieva, M. V., “On the Stability and Stabilization of Generalized Stationary Motions of Mechanical Systems with Variable Masses”

1.2.2. Boykova, T. A., “On Problem of Program-Motions Stabilization for Mechanical Systems”

1.2.3. Burov, A. A., “Steady Motions of Systems Subjected to Unilateral Constraints”

1.2.4. Galiullin, I. A., “The Regular Systems and the Structure Stability of Regular Precessions”

1.2.5. Krasinskaya, E. M., “On Stabilization of Stationary Motions of Mechanical Systems by Forces of Definite Stucture”

1.2.6. Krasinskaya, I. A., “On Direct Liapunov Method in the Problems of Stability and Stabilization of Systems with Cyclic Coordinates”

1.2.7. Krasinskiy, A.Ya., Atajanov, B., Khaydarov, I. K., “On the Stability and Stabilization of the Steady Motions of the Systems with Redundant Coordinates”

1.2.8. Zappala’, G., “A New Type of Total Stability”

1.3.     Regular and Chaotic Dynamics

1.3.1. Borisov, A. V., Mamaev, I. S., “Regular and Chaotic Motions in Vortex Dynamics and their Celestial Mechanics Analogies”

1.3.2. Dobrynskiy, V. A., “Does Non-Trivial the Henon Attractor Exist?”

1.3.3. Kuznetsov, A. P., Milovanov, S. V., Sataev, I. R., “Synchronization in Systems with Bifurcations”

1.3.4. Kuznetsov, S. P., “Renormalization Group Analysis of Critical Behavior Types Associated with Quasiperiodic Dynamics”

1.3.5. Polikarpov, S. A., “Periodic Trajectories of a Billiard in Magnetic Field”

1.3.6. Starkov, K., “Nonlocal Chaotification of One Class of Nonlinear Systems”

1.3.7. Ten, V. V., “Fractal Functions in Dynamical Systems”

1.4.     Oscillations of Mechanical Systems

1.4.1. Antonov, I. L., “Comparison Studies of the Oscillatory Systems under Periodic or Random Excitation”

1.4.2. Bardin, B. S., “Non-Linear Oscillations of Autonomous Hamiltonian System in the Case of 3:1 Resonance”

1.4.3. Ershov, B. A., Kouteeva, G. A., “Fluid Vibrations Inside a Tank with Elastic Part on Wall. Account of Internal Friction in Material”

1.4.4. Goncharenko, V. A., Goncharenko, V. I., “Instability of Suspended Doublet in a Forward Flow”

1.4.5. Kunitsyn, A. L., Tkhai, V. N., “On the Vicinity of an Equilibrium Point of Lyapunov System”

1.4.6. Kholostova, O. V., “Resonant Periodic Motions of Hamiltonian Systems with One Degree of Freedom if Hamilton's Function Degenerates”

1.4.7. Petrosyan, A. G., “The Dynamics of One-Dimensional Linear Lattices”

1.4.8. Shchennikova, E. V., “Constructing the Linearization Error Estimation of the Mathematical Model for Rigid Body Oscillations in Potential Fields”

1.5.     Dynamics of Rigid Body

1.5.1. Abrarov, D. L., “Mechanism of Integrability of the Euler-Poisson Equations”

1.5.2. Batisheva, J. G., Vedenyapin, V. V., “On the Motion of Rigid Body in Rarefied Gas, Sorbing on Its Surface”

1.5.3. Gashenenko, I. N., “Integral Manifolds of the Euler-Poisson Equations”

1.5.4. Kharlamov, M. P., “General Approach to the Investigation of Critical Motions of the Generalized Kowalewski Top”

1.5.5. Kharlamov, M. P., Shvedov, E. G., “Bifurcation Set in the Problem of Motion for the Kowalewski Top in Two Constant Fields”

1.5.6. Kovalchuk, V., “Quantization of a Projectively-Rigid Body in n Dimensions”

1.5.7. Samsonov, V. A., Seliutski, Yu. D., “On Forms for Description of Unsteady Interaction of Body with Flow of Continuous Media”

1.5.8. Savushkin, A. Yu., “Separation of Variables in One Case of Motion for the Kowalewski Top in Double Force Field”

1.5.9. Shvygin, A. L., “On Existence and Stability of the Symmetric Periodic Motions Close to Grioli's Regular Precessions in the Problem of Motion for a Gyrostat about Fixed Point”

1.5.10. Sumin, T. S., “Stability and Branching of Permanent Rotations of a Liquid-Filled Solid Body”

1.6.     Multibody Systems Dynamics

1.6.1. Almazova, S. V., Chevallier, D. P., Yushkov, M. P., “An Approximate Method for Determination of Elastic System's Eigen Frequencies and Mode Forms of Vibration by Using the Eigen Frequencies and Eigen Functions of its Elements”

1.6.2. Amphoux, M. M., “Stability of a Tractor-Semitrailer in Downhill Motion”

1.6.3. Byachkov, A. B., Suslonov, V. M., “Transformation of Motion Equations for Multibody Systems with Variable Kinematic Structure”

1.6.4. Derkach, M. M., Yemelyanov, A. V., Zhdanov, R. I., “Problem for Active Motion of Mechanical System Inclosed in Impervious Envelope without Outer Moving Force in the Environment with Resistance”

1.6.5. Vil’ke, V. G., Kozhevnikov, I. F., “The Rolling of a Wheel with a Reinforced Tyre on a Plane with Slip”

1.6.6. Yaskevich, A. V., “Combining of Forms for Equations of Motion to Simulate Probe-Cone Docking Mechanism”

1.6.7. Zarifian, A. A., Kolpahchyan, P. G., Pogorelov, D. Y., “Longitudinal Dynamics of Electric Locomotive EP200 and Train When Moving with Large Velocities”

1.7.     Nonholonomic Systems and Friction

1.7.1. Berezinskaya, S. N., “On Mechanical Systems with Unilateral Nonholonomic Constraints”

1.7.2. Ignatenko, S. A., “On Stationary Motions of Heavy Spheroid Filled with Viscous Fluid on Absolutely Smooth Plane”

1.7.3. Krasinskiy, A. Ya., “On the Stability,  Stabilization and Adaptive Stabilization of the Steady Motions of Nonholonomic Systems”

1.7.4. Kuleshov, A. S., “Elementary Description of the Snakeboard Dynamics”

1.7.5. Morozov, V. M., Kalenova, V. I., Salmina, M. A., “On Stability and Stabilization of Steady-State Motions of Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems”

1.7.6. Skatenok, M. V., Zhechev, M. M., “Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Wedging in Mechanical Systems with Coulomb Friction”

1.7.7. Zobova, A. A., “On Constructing of Poincare-Chetaev and Smale Bifurcation Diagrams and Analysis of Motion for Body of Revolution on Rough Plane”

2. Celestial Mechanics

2.1.     The Problems of Three and N Bodies

2.1.1. Gackstatter, F., “Separation of the Restricted 3-Body Problem in Kepler's Sense”

2.1.2. Mironov, S. V., Ikhsanov, E. V., “Investigation of Lyapunov Stability for Equilibrium State in Restricted Problems of 10 and 14 Bodies”

2.1.3. Perezhogin, A. A., Tureshbaev, A. T., “On the Stability of Relative Equilibrium Positions of a Sailing-Station in Libration Points of Photogravitational Three-body Problem”

2.1.4. Prokopenya, A. N., “New Homographic Solutions in the Problem of Four Bodies”

2.1.5. Ryabov, Yu. A., “Iterative Scheme to Construct Effectively Conditionally-Periodic Solutions to Restricted Problem of Three Bodies”

2.1.6. Saburova, N. Yu., “Conditions of Existence of Planar Motions of Rigid Bodies”

2.1.7. Sosnitskii, S. P., “On the Lagrange Stability of the Motion for the Three-Body Problem”

2.1.8. Zhuravlev, S. G., “Stability of the Equatorial Libration Points Families for a Gravitating and Radiating Triaxial Ellipsoid”

2.1.9. Zimovshikov, A. S., Tkhai, V. N., “Parametrical Resonance in the Problem About Stability of a Libration Points in the Photogravitational Three Body Problem”

2.2.     Dynamics of Solar System

2.2.1. Eneev T. M., Efimov G. B. “Migration of Small Bodies in Solar System and the Problem of Asteroid Hazard”

2.2.2. Perov, N. I., “On a Celestial Mechanics Model of Comets Planetary Families Origin”

2.2.3. Polyakhova, E. N., “Photogravitational Problems of Spacesailing into Near-the Sun-Regions”

2.2.4. Polyakhova, E. N., Shmyrov, A. S., Shmyrov, V. A., “Orbital Motion Control Near the Sun-Earth Inner Libration Point L1 by Use of Balloon-Like Solar Sail”

2.2.5. Rosaev, A. E., “The Criterion Of Search for Close Orbits in Solar System”

2.2.6. Smirnova, L. V., “The Gould Belt as a System of N Bodies”

2.2.7. Sokolov, L. L., “On the Properties of Possible Motions in Extrasolar Planetary Systems”

2.2.8. Ushcheko, V. P., “Gravitation of the Compressed World”

2.2.9. Vidyakin, V. V., “On Some Approaches to Creation of the Theory of Translatory-Rotary Motion of Solar System's Bodies”

2.3.     Rotational Dynamics of Celestial Bodies

2.3.1. Akhmetiev, P. M., “Analytical Approximation of Solutions of the Maxwell Equations for 3D Model of the Earth”

2.3.2. Beletsky, V. V., Kuleshov, A. S., “Dynamics of Rotational Motion of the Satellite in Sunlight Flux”

2.3.3. Churkina, T. E., “On Stability of Cylindrical Precession of Satellite in Elliptic Orbit”

2.3.4. Dasaev, R. R., “The Influence of Parametrical Fluctuative - Dissipative Forces on Poles Motion of the Earth”

2.3.5. Perepiolkin, V. V., “Dissipation Factor in Earth's Rotation”

2.3.6. Tikhonov, A. A., “On the Stabilization of Artificial Earth's Satellite with the Use of Lorentz Forces”

2.4.     Orbital and Attitude Dynamics

2.4.1. Baidin, A. E., “Geometrical Method for Determination of Celestial Bodies Perturbed Orbits”

2.4.2. Beletsky, V. V., Vorontsova, V. L., “The Influence of Aerodynamic Gradient on the Rotating Motion of the Tethered Satellite System”

2.4.3. Efimov, G. B., Petukhov, V. G., “General Integral in a Problem of Power-Limited Averaged Optimal Transfers”

2.4.4. Khizgiyaev, S. V., “Tethered Two-Mass System in the Circular Orbit under Magnetic Field”

2.4.5. Munitsyna, M. A., “On Stationary Motions of Two Mutually Gravitating Bodies and Their Stability”

2.4.6. Rodnikov, A. V., “On motion of a Dumbbell with Leier Constraint in Newtonian Attracting Force Field”

2.4.7. Zegzhda, S. A., Soltakhanov, Sh. H., Yushkov, M. P., “On the Possibility of Satellite Manoeuvring, Alternative to the Motion along the Homann's Ellipse”

2.4.8. Zlenko, A. A., “One Model Problem for Motion of Synchronous Satellite”

3. Modeling and Simulation of Dynamics

3.1.     Simulation of Multibody Systems Dynamics

3.1.1. Agapov, D. G., Pogorelov, D. Yu., “Simulation of Granular System as Multibody System”

3.1.2. Boykov, V. G., “Computational Efficiency Analysis of Formal Algorithm for Calculation of Multibody System Motion”

3.1.3. Dmitrochenko, O. N., Pogorelov, D. Yu., “Simulation of Coupled Rigid and Elastic Bodies with and without Using of Constraints”

3.1.4. Kovalev, R. V., Pogorelov, D. Yu., “Parametrical Optimization of Mechanical Systems by Means of Software Package “Universal Mechanism””

3.1.5. Mikheev, G. V., “Techniques for Description and Analysis of Hybrid Mathematical Models for Mechanical Systems”

3.1.6. Nikolaev, R. E., Pogorelov, D. Yu., Kovalev, R. V., “Parallel Algorithms in Simulation of Multibody System Dynamics: Implementation and Results”

3.1.7. Yazykov, V. N., Pogorelov, D. Yu., “Simulation of Railway Vehicle Dynamics Using Non-Hertzian Wheel-Rail Contact Model”

3.2.     Other Applications in Dynamics

3.2.1. Kossenko, I. I., Yushmanov, D. V., “Comparison of Models for Tethered Satellite System Dynamics in Exact Description with Its Restricted Formulation”

3.2.2. Krasinskiy, A. Ya., Atajanov, B., Umarov, A. T., Umarov, Az. T., “Computer Analysis of the Motion Stability for the Car with Deformable Wheels”

3.2.3. Moukharliamov, R. G., “Modelling of Physical Systems Dynamics”

3.2.4. Ruchkin, C. A., “Methods of Computer Modelling for Problems of Rigid Body Dynamics”

3.2.5. Sabitov, D. I., “Computer Simulation of Spatial Structures of RNA Molecules by System of Thin Elastic Rods”

3.2.6. Sokolsky, A. G., Ihsanov, I. V., Kusnetsov, V. V., Medvedev, S. V., Prikhodko, A. V., “Nonlinear Dinamical Computer Models In The Plasmachemical Problems”

3.2.7. Tebaldi, C., “Low-dimensional Analysis by Proper Orthogonal Decomposition”